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Why Have an Estate Sale: 

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      There are various reasons why a full liquidation of household goods might be necessary:

          * The surviving family of one who has passed on needs the contents of the house liquidated before the sale of the home.

          * The occupant is downsizing or moving into a retirement community.

          * Baby-boomers are choosing to travel when retirement comes instead of keeping a large home or store its contents.

          Two people, each owning a home, decide to marry and find that they have too many possessions for a single home.

          * Divorces, financial issues, and many other circumstances may occur and create a need for liquidation of a large amount of their 
            personal property.
      How does an Estate Sale work?

          There is a 'tag price' on every item, meaning that each item in the sale has been priced and the 'tag' shows the price. The sale is heavily advertised and lasts for three (3) days. The public is invited into the home and is allowed to shop as if the home were a retail store. Assistants are available to help with purchases, and a cashier is stationed at the exit to check out customers.

      Reasons you should consider using a professional estate liquidator

           There are many reasons to need the help of a professional estate liquidator. Note the following:

         * It usually takes two - three (2-3) weeks to clean, sort, and accurately price and display the contents of a home. Families frequently find this to be an overwhelming task if they are trying to do this on their own.

         * Professional liquidators have the expertise to price items accurately and dispassionately provide the highest possible return.

         * You will not have the worry of displaying your items as we furnish tables, table covers, and anything necessary to display your merchandise properly. We as professionals provide all materials needed.

         * An estate sale, just like in a retail store, has a highly skilled team of sales people to operate successfully.

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